November 2, 2010

DUE DATE movie review

Robert Downey Jr (Peter Highman) and Zach Galifianakis (Ethan Tremblay) team up unimaginably to get to Los Angeles for DUE DATE. Warner Bros.' newest hilarious movie opening on November 5 in theaters.

Robert (Highman) is an expectant father accidentally bumped into an aspiring actor, Ethan, causing him much trouble and delaying circumstances to get into his wife who was in labor. hilarious things happen along the way. with them is Ethan's dog and father's ashes enclosed in a can -- a very unimaginable team that surely make you laugh out of your seats.

see the other side of Zach. from Hangover to Due Date, he is a better actor here. in his character, you can see his versatility as an actor. i think he is comparable to Jack Black but he has to grow more.

friendship is tested in this movie. you can check on those who will really be there when you need them.

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