October 20, 2010


As Milla Jovovich is best known for her starring role in the futuristic action franchise “Resident Evil,” audiences are in for a huge surprise with her latest project – the provocative drama, “Stone” which will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas (Trinoma, Glorietta 4 & Greenbelt 3) starting Oct. 27.

In the film, convicted arsonist Gera'd `Stone' Creeson (Edward Norton) looks to manipulate correctional officer Jack Mabry (Robert De Niro) into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife Lucetta (Jovovich) in the lawman's path.

Producer Jordan Schur says, “This is a real star turn for Milla. The character has edge. She is compromised in multiple ways. It's a real departure. It took real courage and tremendous talent to approach the role the way she has, and I think she is going to enjoy accolades within the film community.”

After headlining three installments in the futuristic action franchise “Resident Evil,” Jovovich was eager to take on a role that would allow audiences to see her in a different light. Lucetta's complexities and contradictions provided exactly the sort of challenge the actress was looking for. “On the one hand, she's an innocent,” says Jovovich. “On the other, she's very sexual. Put these two elements together and you get a really wild character who's living life every day to its fullest. In contrast to these two men who are always thinking, she doesn't think, she just does.

“Lucetta's relationship with Stone is very passionate,” continues Jovovich. “He's in control, but at the same time he's been in prison for eight years, so she's had to make her own way. She's trying to get her husband out of prison, but once he goes through his spiritual experience, she doesn't recognize the man that she fell in love with. The man she worked so hard to get out is not the man that comes out in the end.

Jovovich's unique blend of innocence and sophistication captivated the filmmakers at her first audition for the role, says producer Holly Wiersma. “She can be as playful and fun as any teenager one moment, and then, in a flash, demonstrate the maturity of a grown woman.”

Director John Curran was impressed by the supermodel-turned-actress' nonchalant attitude about her looks. “Milla made me laugh in her audition,” he says. “More than anyone we saw, she understood the contradictions in Lucetta and had the most fun teasing out every side of her.”

Her character's easy sexuality did not come easily to Jovovich. “I have some crazy scenes in this movie, she reveals. “As an actor, you often walk in shoes that you would never wear otherwise, and it can be difficult, especially in a movie like this where I had multiple sex scenes with different men. At times, I found myself really upset by the end of the day. John gave me so much support and that was very important to me. When you're putting yourself out there as a woman, in the way that I do in this movie, it's so important to trust that the director really knows what he wants and knows how he's going to cut it together in the end so it's never gratuitous and the nuances remain intact.”

Her dedication did not go unnoticed by her co-workers. “Milla had a very difficult task in creating this character,” says De Niro. “And she really did a great job. She totally committed.”

The caliber of her co-stars also saw her through some of her more difficult moments. “Working with Edward Norton and Robert De Niro was just one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had,” she says. “They put so much passion into their work. Edward is a highly intelligent, highly articulate, and very generous person. Robert is an icon and an amazing actor, but he's also a very sweet family-oriented guy.”

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