September 28, 2010

JOSH LUCAS plays third party in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

Joining Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in the wacky romantic comedy Life As We Know It is top actor Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) who further complicates the already messed up arrangement of the two lead characters.

In the film, Holly Berenson (Heigl) is an up-and-coming caterer and Eric Messer (Duhamel) is a promising network sports director. After a disastrous first date, the only thing they have in common is their dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter, Sophie. But when they suddenly become all Sophie has in the world, Holly and Messer are forced to put their differences aside. Juggling career ambitions and competing social calendars, they’ll have to find some common ground while living under one roof.

Lucas plays the other man in Holly’s life, Sam. “There were Joshes everywhere on this film,” says director Greg Berlanti, referring not only to two of his stars, but also to Heigl’s husband, Josh Kelly, who occasionally came to set. “You threw a rock, you hit a Josh,” Berlanti jokes.

Sam is a recently divorced doctor who is interested in Holly. Sam’s role in the film is surprising and poignant. Lucas says, “He basically comes into the place where Holly works and orders the same sandwich over and over, trying to get the gumption to ask her out. But circumstances cause them to keep missing each other.”

The filmmaker loved what Lucas brought to the role. “Josh Lucas is so inherently charismatic and likeable. As a director, you’re looking at a situation where there’s another leading man who has been on screen for 20 minutes, and this new guy has to come in and compete for the affections of the leading lady. Josh Lucas could do that, and you believed it. Sam is really comfortable with himself and his place in life, which is something that Messer really isn’t yet, and that’s appealing.”

Josh Lucas recently starred opposite Jon Hamm in Stolen, released in select theaters in March, and in the independent film William Vincent, opposite James Franco, which premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. Lucas recently finished production on the independent films Red Dog, with Rachael Taylor; A Year in Mooring, with James Cromwell; Little Murder, opposite Terrence Howard; and Daydream Nation, with Kat Denning.

Opening soon across the Philippines, Life As We Know It is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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