September 21, 2010

ENCHANTED KINGDOM celebrates 15 years of magic!

Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippines' premiere amusement theme park will celebrate 15 crystal years of magic this October. new wonder offerings await visitors as they continue to spread the magic in our hearts.

aside from the attractions that we grew up with since the start, a new ride will rise visible from around Sta. Rosa, Laguna. it is called the EK EKstreme. a towering 150-foot ride that will let you view the landscape of Sta.Rosa and drops you in 2 seconds. entrance fee costs Php 150 separate from the regular day pass. persons 52 inches and above are only allowed to ride it.

penguin lovers and those who jump and move will take a thrill in the Rialto theater with Mumble sliding in an ice cave! see it starting also in October.

witness also a spectacular fireworks competition in the park as they gather different fireworks manufacturers in one grand showdown! this happens in 3 weekends in October starting October 2 and will hold the final show on October 23.

for the other special shows in the park, click on the images below.

Enchanted Kingdom is open on weekends and will be in full operations as the -ber months come through Christmastime.

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