August 19, 2010

VAMPIRES SUCK movie review

inspired from teen-hits Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, comes a hilarious parody of the teenage girl who are torn between the love of two immortals. Jenn Proske stars as Becca, the newbie from Sporks (Forks) who fells in love with a vampire, Edward Sullen, but also gets the attention of a werewolf man, Jacob played by Chris Riggi.

this movie is a good laugh exaggerating the character of Bella from Twilight who which is a little shy in the original story and all other details. the outward sarcasm of the movie made me laugh which i totally agree. why would a girl who is matured enough won't be able to fight for herself and depend on two clashing lovers just to escape from a hungry vampire? i think that's pretty stupid. but in irony, i love watching the Twilight series.

i wonder, what if the real characters think that way? it's making a bonk on the head to Stephanie Meyer that made Bella weak. but we'll see if they didn't offend her and the Twilight fans and hope that they'll take it lightly. besides, it's a feel-good movie.

there's even special participations by Lady Gaga, Alice in Wonderland, Buffy and event Gossip Girl.

VAMPIRES SUCK opens on August 25 by 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros.

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