July 13, 2010

INCEPTION movie review

you won't be able to get out of the concept for a while until you figure out how every scene worked. INCEPTION is a very recommendable movie for everyone to watch. it will make your brain juices flowing in the puzzling points.

you will get to think that there are dream levels in each of us. and if really people can get in your dreams consciously in which you are not, it might be a very dangerous thing but to them, it's fun and you might keep your secrets no more.

Christopher Nolan really did a fabulous job turning our minds. screen play, visuals and casting is carefully stitched together to make this awesome movie. he did his own play at his own mind creating a new world and instances which somebody might be able to think but repressed his own creativity to let it out.

this concept my be very helpful to the investigators only if the subject would allow it. if it appeared before Minority Report, then the latter is just waste. check out the movie showing on July 15 distributed by Warner Bros. Productions.

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