July 19, 2010

i-Abante Batang MayKapansanan

i-Abante Batang MayKapansanan, a public service of Cong. Benny Abante in cooperation with Sergia Esguerra Memorial Foundation, Inc. [SEMFI] gave free ear check-ups and hearing tests in selected barangays in the 6th District of Manila.

Shown in the picture is Cong. Benny Abante, center in blue shirt, and some of the beneficiaries of more than 300 special kids. SEMFI, is a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation helping special children for more than 23 years, avail of the necessary special programs available to them so they may be able to cope in regular schools and achieve self reliance in mainstream society.

SEMFI has two school projects namely, the Philippine Institute for the Deaf [PID], a pioneering and the premier Preschool and Elementary ORAL school for the deaf in the country where deaf children learn to speak, and the Integrated School of the Philippines (ISP), an inclusion school for higher education, where all learns together helping one another, which means the deaf and other speech handicapped enjoy the classes with regular students. PID and ISP are both recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd), and provide scholarship grants to the qualified and deserving students. For free inquiries, visit the schools at Nagtahan Road, Pandacan, Manila, or call 564-0156 or email at semfi@pldtdsl.net.

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