November 30, 2009

TWO LOVERS movie review

have you ever felt choosing between two persons: someone you love and someone who loves you? and when you decided to go for the person you love, it turns out that the person is not going for you. you made all efforts to be with that person and even lied to the other just for the sake that you don't want to hurt her feelings.

that's the plot of this story Two Lovers starring Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow. Joaquin Phoenix plays an aspiring photographer who just came from a heartbreak thus being set up by his parents to a family friend, Sandra (Vinessa Shaw). not really getting interested with her, he finds Michelle (Paltrow), a neighbor who happens to be also involved with another man. but Michelle struggles in the relationship because the man she's with is not yet divorced with his wife. Phoenix, on the other hand, gives his concern and professes his love to Paltrow to a crazy extent of asking her to marry him. but unexpectedly, Paltrow's wishes to be with the other man is granted thus leaving Phoenix depressed -- resulting to coming back to Shaw.

a very timely story about love and its consequences. you might be interested with the cheesy scenes from the movie and the crazy stuff that guys might do in fighting for love but ends in an unsuccessful attempt.

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