August 26, 2009

THIS IS IT! movie to be released!

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT tour will be shown worldwide for a limited time starting October 28! this will show the King of Pop's final preparations for the famous final curtain call before he passed away last June 25. the final rehearsals has been made into a movie and supported by The Estate of Michael Jackson

we will be able to see Michael Jackson's last moves and hear his songs as he performed it live. the famous moonwalk and forward lean of Smooth Criminal.

“I have never been partners with a more creative, innovative or groundbreaking entertainer than Michael Jackson. While the concerts would have been the greatest shows in the history of music, our film will provide a historic event for Michael’s fans to see for themselves the genius that he was and the creativity, talent and imagination that the entire cast devoted to create the ‘greatest concert that never happened’." - Randy Phillips, President & CEO, AEG LIVE is the producer of Michael Jackson THIS IS IT.

In the coming weeks, additional information about the film will be available at

“Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” is distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Visit to see the latest trailers, get free downloads and play free movie games.

the trailer has been released on Youtube! click this video to see some scenes from the movie:


  1. This boggles me how they will do this into a film! I just have to see this!

  2. @Reel Advice: yeah me too. it surprised me that the family allowed it.

  3. This will be something to see for myself. I will want to see this incredible film of the last moments of Michael Jackson.


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