September 19, 2009

Martin and Gary made music As 1

it's a Philippine music history as two rivals create music together in one stage. Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera who are often compared to each other shared the big concert grounds of SM Mall of Asia on September 19 2009. quite a number of spectators and music lovers of the two guys are able to witness this historical event.

the show ran for 3 hours and everybody's attendance is very much WORTH IT! the silver and bronze areas are still okay for they provided special projection and i think this will be the cuts that will be shown on TV.

my favorite part would be their quartet with Zsazsa Padilla and Martin's ex-wife, Pops Fernandez which gave me the goosebumps. though the 2 ladies weren't at the stage per se, they rehearsed a special LCD performance that looked like an MTV. a special tribute to great artists like Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra, the two had rearranged the songs merging the lyrics and style of both.

there's also a special appearance of their sons, Gab Valenciano and Ram Nievera giving a rock I Gotta Feeling by BEP.

with regards to Gary V's music, he never fails to give praises to God with his inspirational songs. Martin Nievera's signature sponsored songs was also performed. the two, of course, gave to our requests of capturing our hearts with songs like, Be My Lady and Warrior is A Child which are their top songs at each of everyone's minds. one segment brought everyone as they blasted everyone with the theme songs from the favorite kapamilya programs like Lobo, Sana Maulit Muli, Dahil May Isang Ikaw, Tayong Dalawa, Kahit Isang Saglit, and the latest movie, And I Love You So.

the concert ended with the As 1 song which has a special message significant for the upcoming elections.

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