September 3, 2009

The Lost Symbol release on Sept 15!

the author that brought us controversial novels like the Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, Dan Brown is now counting down days to the release of his new novel, The Lost Symbol.

from what the cover shows us, this new novel now brings us to the setting of Washington DC where some symbol may be hidden that has dictated the course of history.

with the countdown rolling, you can now reserve your copies at your favorite bookstores before it is released on September 15 2009 or you can preorder it on


  1. I really like the writing style of Dan Brown. He is one of only a few authors who have made me read a book from end to end.

  2. @Reel Advice: really controversial isn't he?

  3. Well yes controversial but some people just cannot distinguish fiction from the truth! :)


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