August 21, 2009

the Quezon City Symphonic Band

August 21 is a very significant day for Filipinos because this was the death anniversary of a very significant figure in the Philippine History: Ninoy Aquino, whom with his wife, the late former president Cory Aquino, has brought democracy back to all of us and ousted the dictatorship of a former leader. August 21 has also been chosen by Araneta Center to be the date of looking back to the Filipino roots by bringing us the artistry and grandeur of our talents, one of which is the Quezon City Symphonic Band.

the Quezon City Symphonic Band was formed more than 2 decades ago and they have been composed of woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments and passed generations of musicians of Quezon City. at the August 21 event, we are very fortunate to witness their talent as they play numerous songs and medleys composed by other musicians and themselves.

Julian Felipe's rendition of the Philippine National Anthem Lupang Hinirang was indeed played as it should be:

and for a special number, they have a rendition of a number of 80's songs with Thriller, Wind Beneath My Wings, and others:

other performances were a selection of songs from the 70s, love songs and even liturgical shows. sorry if i haven't recorded them, my battery went empty and memory wasn't enough. LOL

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