August 6, 2009

The Hangover movie review

how do you like to enjoy the biggest vice in life? all can be found in one place: it's Vegas baby! and 4 friends, Doug, Stu, Allan and Phil had the best ride of their life. but one thing went wrong, they lost Doug and they can't remember anything. and worst of all, it's Doug's wedding very soon.

they went out with Doug to Vegas for an all boys night out as a bachelor gift. they sure had the time of their life until they knew they've been on a very big mess. so they tried to trace everything they've been and managed to find clues that will track them to Doug who was all the time just at the top of the Caesar's Palace.

The Hangover is really a feel good and really hilarious movie. not just a big trip in Vegas but also give you an overview of what to do and what REALLY not to do there. i mean, you can have the time of your life but be responsible of yourself.

if you want to laugh your heart out, you better watch this movie. you can forget all your worries. catch it on cinemas on August 12 2009.

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