June 3, 2009

RED LEAVES FALLING premiered worldwide

UNICEF and Stairway Foundation premieres the animation Red Leaves Falling at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium on June 2 2009. this is in line with the campaign against child pornography and trafficking with the aim to push the Bill against the social cancer that goes nationwide and even worldwide.

child pornography and trafficking has been around due to the extreme poverty and due to the advancement in technology, it has become global and unstoppable. but with the continuing efforts of organizations like Stairway Foundation and co-advocates, the passing of the Bill would be a great help and children's lives will be saved.

Red Leaves Falling is just one of the fictions in the compilation “Black Angels, Street Children Realities” written by Monica D. Ray, an advocate against child pornography. she has used the animation tool to deliver the message and educate the ones who are able to see it. as they said, spreading the word can be of great help to stop this problem. without breaking the silence, the social cancer will grow even greater with the ignorance of those who engage to it.

technology has made a great contribution to any sexual activity especially child exploitation. and with every click of the mouse, it means that there is a great demand for it worldwide. the more alarming aspect to that there is no legal action that will stop this. and predators are gaining more of it.

visit Stairway Foundation’s website at www.stairwayfoundation.org or send email through stairway@stairwayfoundation.org. for the complete schedule of activities for the ten-day “Silence is Acceptance” campaign against child pornography, email UNICEF Philippines through mfrancia@unicef.org or call (63)(2)901.01.73.

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