April 14, 2009

Blue Water Day Spa re: Marian-Karylle issue

a lot of articles have been saying that Karylle replaces Marian Rivera as endorser of Blue Water Day Spa. some rumors have been associating the Dingdong-Karylle break up and that more people became pro-Karylle rather than Marian. Piolo Pascual joins Marian in the current campaign.

articles from:
MarianRiveraInfo - wont replace marian

however, the management of Blue Water Day Spa has released an official statement regarding the issues that have been lurking in the internet:
this is the official statement that we wanted to clear with the issue on Marian Rivera / Karylle. This is in response to statement that was made by Popoy Caritativo to the press (4/4/09) in the past few weeks.

"Every year, we change our endorsers for BlueWater Day Spa and it remains the company's perogative who we choose to represent as our endorser. As of the issue of who dropped whom, there were NO negotiations for renewal with Ms. Rivera or her representatives that ever took place."
Blue Water Day Spa also reminds us of the still-ongoing BLOGGERS CONTEST on iendorser.com to enjoy a free spa at the Capitol Hills Branch.

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