February 12, 2009

Total Relaxation (Spa and Movies: WHY NOT diba?)

with a lot of you've been doing, how can you still manage to go take a rest? people would say, RELAX, SEE A MOVIE. but isn't it also stressful going to the movie houses and you won't even be able to watch the movie as you wanted because of noises in the room? like when i watch Harry Potter and kids are making a lot of noises and keep asking their guardians why is it and why is that? i would say to myself, just watch the movie, you brats! now tell me, did i get a relaxing moment? no. and with all the work at the office, even while just sitting down is hard on the back. sometimes you get your eyes tired and your shoulders get pains. some stretches won't do if you got tons of load. in those times, i just wish that someone could give me a back rub or a little massage when i want to get the pain off.

but i want to get both perks at the same time. movies and back rubs combined! you think that's impossible? no, it exists! really! how? this is the new buzz. i came across this blog (http://techfilipino.com) about the new BlueWater Day Spa located in Ortigas and found out that they have developed a Spa Theater! a theater in a spa may have been off the track but the owners of this spa have made it possible for us. imagine, you are getting your muscles relaxed and your eyes satisfied with your favorite movie!

BlueWater Day Spa's Spa Theater has a 28-people capacity so you can have 27 of your friends and loved ones in one great party. i would like to have a game on this, i would ask 27 people who say they are "virgins" to touches, massage touch if i should specify on that. the ones with the funny bones or the komikeros and komikeras and we'll see who won't stand on a stroke on the foot, a little pressure within the waist area. hahaha i don't know if there's still people like that who are malakas ang kiliti. and then the funniest movie will be shown here:

what do you think? it's nice, right? but wouldn't you think that it's nice to have a movie party if you have Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 reception, a projection of about 160 inch-5 feet wide, while sitting on a Lazy Boy couch. whoa! ang sarap!

back on the game, everyone should give in to the pot money and stay focused and relaxed without laughing at a massage pressure. at mahahawa na ang lahat once may isang taong kakaiba ang hagikgik. the winner gets the pot money! of course, everybody will benefit from it too. katuwaan lang na walang tatawa sa masahe. (i think i'll lose this game in the middle. hehe)

what if, a date auction! hahaha.. never been to those kinds of events but i think it's fun. and then the bids will be used for charity para may good cause. a bundle of searchees will be paraded and the searcher with the highest bid will get the seachee for a date. sa private room pa ng spa. hahaha... may pumatol kaya sa gimik na to?

oh well, in case you want to know more about this new spa that people have been buzzing about, check out their website. and hope your imagination will overflow with ideas on how to spend your quality time there.


  1. Hi great ideas something really interesting. By the way, I've noticed there's no link back to http://techfilipino.com which is specified within the rules. Don't worry you can add it up to the post and post a comment to let me know. it's closing on the 15th of feb and the winners will be announced on techfilipino.


    Francis Simisim

  2. thanks for the reminder. i have already updated my blog.

  3. Great idea! Hmmmn... Siguro ako din... tatawa ng tatawa!

  4. @nicely: hahaha... dka pa siguro sanay magpamasahe no?


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