February 9, 2009

Ohmski's Blogline: now I understand what INDIE means

i came from Beverly Hills where stories are being told.

a very worthwhile experience for movie enthusiasts lalo na sa mga storytellers ang event na naganap nung sabado sa Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film Institute. storytellers because of the stories that everyone wants to share, to give ideologies, to appreciate. and that's what Mainstream Loves Indie's mission is. we were joined by exceptional filmmakers like of course, Marilou Diaz-Abaya (Jose Rizal, Muro-Ami), Laurice Guillen (Tanging Yaman), Mark Meily (Crying Ladies, Baler), wife Lee Meily (cinematographer), Tony Gloria (producer and Sharon Cuneta's discoverer), Sari Dalena (Rigodon), Tara Illenberger (Brutus) and Jim Libiran (Tribu).

so what is indie by the way? it is not our misconception that indie are just made by small time filmmakers. it's not. these big names said that making indies is in the manner of how you make it. kung halimbawa you are having a hard time with the resources at abunado ka pa sa mga props, etc., ganun ang indie. even Crying Ladies is an indie kahit nakapasok sya sa mga big film festivals at lalo na sa MMFF. there's a lot of obstacles for indie films alam nyo ba? especially with the distribution of the films they make. i also found out that most these people started sa advertising industry. so may relasyon pala ung post ko dito.

the whole experience was fun! shempre marami naman ako natutunan dun. and the institute was very welcoming and you will feel very at home. may i add, the dojo of the school is open for Art's sake. babayaran mo lang e P500 for each aircon electricity consumption. big deal dba? and i feel very at home. a filmshowing of some shorts from the students and concerts. masaya!


  1. Asteg! may post ka agad! hahah. bukas pako magpost about the event.

  2. hinihintay ko pa yung upload ng mga pics from his cam e. yan lang tuloy poster ang nakapost hehe...


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