February 8, 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

hi i'm ohmski, and i'm a shopaholic.

i have this very impulsive instinct when it comes to shopping. usually when i get bored and i found that i have money in my wallet, i buy all stuff that i want. lately when i had received my christmas bonus, immediately i bought some shirts, shorts and my basic needs for my own pampering. of course, i needed to reserve some for stuff at home and this leads me to the shopping mecca of the philippines, divisoria!

usually every christmas season, me and my mom are going to divisoria and all is on me. we start by dropping off at reyne rejente's meisic mall and from there, i can already get best buys. then a little walk at 168 to divisoria mall even at the tutuban center. even while on the road i can stretch my money and getting the best items on sale. 

i love getting bargains and wholesale items as gifts for my godchildren and relatives. i still end up buying more stuff for me. no need to ask, it's my own money! but i still manage to get all nice stuffs for everyone on the list. i want to be like a Santa on christmas. but i consider factors for the items to give to my love ones. the quality is still number one. that's why i'm having my mom to shop with me because she can be my advisor if an item is good.

but still i end up tired going home because i have bags of clothes and gift items on both hands. even though my feet hurts, i still have another day and another day to sweep the next shopping destination... the mall.


  1. I can so relate ... that's why I also joined the contest. Well as long as you have the resources, why not. Hope you visit a my post.

  2. yeah, if i still have the money, it's a GO! hehe


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