January 19, 2009

Spongecola sings the Kissing Theme Song

just released this morning as i've heard it on air. the kissing theme song "Closer You and I" popularized by Gino Padilla has interpreted by various artists and eventually the official love song every Feb 14. now it's Spongecola who rekindles love and passion of getting closer to your significant other with the special song.

this year, Feb 14 falls on a saturday so there wouldn't be any green-eyed monsters on offices, it depends if you go to work on saturdays. hopefully this will also be the date of the annual luvapalooza bringing couples to one place where everyone will be kissing at the strike of midnight. the Philippines has become the record holder of the most number of couples kissing for a period of time in one venue. pervert expectators and bitter singles who would be capturing illegal couples are also welcome to join the event. not inside the kissing area of course, hehe.

no details on the event yet and i dont know if this will also push through this year.
*bloggers, alam nyo na!

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