December 21, 2008

friendster users: beware of a new virus

as usual, the ever-reliable friendster has got some problems. the frequenting site maintenance doesn't seem to work. i don't know if they have completely fixed ALL problems for me to continue my membership of this boring site. i just can't leave it because i have my true friends on my list. the only way to communicate with them is thru friendster. and the only thing exciting about it is the testimonials sections which has lost its essence because it became a comment section where everybody is just like sending emails already in there which supposed to be private. the inbox is not spam-proof. and now even the comments area. lately i have received a new comment but to my surprise this came out:
i supposed to send a message to the person who posted this to my site but prior to it, a DJ said that her friends also notify her that she posts this as comment but in truth she is innocent of it.

as for me, mag-enjoy nalang kayo sa pic or kung masyado kayong conservative, delete nyo na. lol

kasi naman sa mga ka-friendster ko, lumipat na kayo sa Multiply. kahit dagdagan nyo pa ako ng invites pati sa facebook, thanks na lang.

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