November 12, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Kiko Betrayed (?)

the Boracay-raised businessman from QC was sent off the island. it was after getting a 5-4 vote against him with his rival Marlon. Francis "Kiko" Rustia's disappointment to fellow Naak members, Cris and Kaye for giving in to the snakebite of Marlon. however, he understood the grudges they developed when he, Zita, Jace and Rob are in the immersion from another unknown island. Marlon just smiled at his victory over the Naak members and the Tribal Council.

before his exit, Paolo gave him a "cursed" black pearl which is to be given on to another person left in the game; the curse is a vote against that person on the next Tribal Council. Kiko placed the pearl on the shocked Rob and this is to give him a lesson for his attitude. once this pearl is lost, Rob earns 2 votes against himself.

headed back to camp, Rob bursted and disappointed at Kiko's decision to give him the pearl. he said that he dedicated his life for the win of Naak and for them to keep safe on every Tribal Council. JC just nodded, Kaye and Charisse cried. (dunno why.)

next morning, Marlon had an abrupt dispute with Nanay Zita almost shouting at each other. Marlon all of a sudden had this realization and scare that anybody would hurt him outside of the game. but he doesn't care. how evil he gets, it's good.


Be kind to post your insights. Thanks.

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