June 18, 2008

how to get most comments in a blog?

i have been looking at my multiply inbox and saw blogs that are flooded with comments in a short period of time. some of them e kakapost pa lang, may comment agad. parang dna binasa. hehe.. good thing that multiply has this "Who's Viewed Me" function para malaman mo kung sino ang nakiki-usyoso sa mga profile mo. i have written about my blockbuster blogs weeks ago and try to figure out how these blogs acquire so much attention. now i enumerate points how someone's blog (or someone) can be so interesting.
  1. always reply on the comment.
    pamparami din ng comments yan. the first person to comment on your blog is the pinaka-chismoso. i know it because isa ako sa ganun, especially sa showbiz news. and every reply you get minsan may tanong pang kasama so you have to answer it when your blog is not so much clear to your reader. then always answer some of the issues that your reader also has.
  2. be random.
    you can have readers that are even not in your network. some of them may have the same interests as you posted in your blog. surprise your readers with akalain mo may sense ka rin pala factor with social issues, love life, inspirational stories, and poetry.
  3. post pictures (the sexy ones)
    some people may only be after your gorgeous pics and minsan gusto rin mapansin nyo rin sila that's why they keep on commenting on your posts.
  4. know your forte
    if you are an aspiring photographer, post your most beautiful captures or portfolio along with your blog. if you are a musically inclined, play with some tones just like densemodesto had in his sites. maging kilala ka rin sa mga kakulitan mo like tado.
  5. be the first.
    some bloggers minsan they're after the webhits. it's ok that you know the buzz in town but it's better if you know the story first-hand or kung ikaw ang naunang nagpost. kung si Ken Lee naging sikat in some time, walang pakialam sa kanya ung nagpost ng video nya kasi marami ang nagcomment or nag-link ng video nya.
so maybe these are all that i can post muna. yan kasi sa tingin ko pinaka-common. Happy blogging!

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