May 19, 2008

what's new with the MRT

i was surprised when i found out that there's somethings unusual about riding the MRT. though the crowd is still the same density, the new features of the MRT will surely get everyone's attention. but i think these new features are totally unnecessary.

MRT Station Stop

first is the station voice prompt. this is the lady whose voice tells you which station you are approaching and so with your next destination. i think this is unnecessary because instead of the driver delivering the next stop over a microphone, it has added another cost for the production of the voice over.

the LCD monitors have been placed on each car by i think 6 each. this has started last week for just a test run. i know entertainment is good inside the MRT but again, the cost of installing these LCD screens is a big amount instead of improving the MRT cars itself and for the operation subsidies.

the MRT is a bit inconsistent with the time the cars go from station to station and also packing the passengers that makes other stations congested. and the cars itself need to be checked for some of the airconditioning systems drip. it is so small that everybody is forcing themselves to get in so why not allow an improvement on buying new cars for public transport?

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